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This web page is well done.  It is informative, explains the purpose of this family history center and how others can help, it has attractive photos to illustrate a taste of what the center is like and what can be done there, it sets the tone for genealogy and family history work, and it even offers many research links for those who would prefer to research at home.  It also shows connections with other communities, and is presently the only thing of its kind for High Prairie.  Well done!  

— Preceding unsigned comment added by Kbritton  20:38, 25 July 2013 (UTC)

This center has been sorely needed in High Prairie for many years!  Thank you!  High Prairie is very lucky to have such a center which, despite being small, is run by trained and helpful people who have a passion for the work, and are able to relate to those who are just starting out, who may not know anything about computers, or to those who have been researching in various ways for many years.  You likely won't find another library with more beauty and varied things to learn and do anywhere!  Even though this is a new center, there is much to offer, and it has plans for further expansion!  For more information, see its Facebook page (High Prairie Family History Center)...


Beautiful setup!  Very inviting!

— Preceding unsigned comment added by Desertsand 2  21:00, 25 July 2013 (UTC)


Looks awesome!  Very impressive!

— Preceding unsigned comment added by WyattAndersen  21:12, 25 July 2013


Whenever possible, I have been coming in to this family history center once a week, for a few hours each time.  I have learned a great deal from this special lady about, how to communicate with family members and share photos and information on Facebook groups created for genealogical research,, organizing photos, voice recordings of family stories, ordering history books, etc.  This lady really knows what she is doing!  And she is so nice to work with!  I don't know anything about computers, but that doesn't bother her!  She is so patient and understanding!  We are working on my family lines back hundreds of years.  I am not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but that is fine. Anyone can use this center.  I really like how this lady has decorated the room!  She has even set out photos of my ancestors, just for me!  I learn alot from her assistant, too!  -- On behalf of Donald Fevang