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I've found that the browse labels for this collection are incorrect about half the time. That said, here's another for the Known Issues list:

Hungary, Civil Registration, 1895-1980 > Vas > Felsőlövő

Births 1895-1906 is actually Births 1895-1920, but out of order: 1907-1920 for the first 292 images, then 1895-1906 starts at image 293.

Births 1895-1920 is actually a repeat of the second part of the above: Births 1895-1906.

Deaths 1895-1902 is a typo for 1895-1920.

ANSWER: Thank you for bringing these errors to the attention of FamilySearch.  We will report them to the engineers and will add them to the Known Issues Page.

Hi - I'm interested in getting copies of my grandparents and their children's marriage and births from 1928 & 1929. They were married/born in Banya, Somberek. Any idea if these are available or when they might be available? Otherwise, anyone know how to request them from the Hungarian government? - Thanks - Jim

ANSWER:  Images for the years 1920 and above are currently restricted from viewing due to contractual agreements with the record custodians which require a 90 year cutoff date before images can be published online. This also affects some of the other links in the Pest-Pilis-Solt-Kis-Kun County because other years may be on the same film with 1920 records. When the links to these years are clicked, the message, “This image is currently unavailable” will display. We look forward to the addition of these records to our sites in the near future.