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I've been questioned on how complete this collection really is and wonder if it might be appropriate to add a table or maybe three, one each for birth, marriage and death. I propose that the table include:

  • GS film number
  • DGS number
  • Event (birth, marriage or death)
  • Image count
  • Record count

I already have part of the data and perhaps we can entice some members of the genealogical community to check the Family History Library Catalog for the films listed and provide the missing details. This will allow users to see exactly what years are included and evaluate for themselves, if desired, how complete the collection is and whether they may need to look at the originals rather than settle with just the digital collection. Gellilwcca 02:13, 8 April 2011 (UTC)

I'll post a querry on facebook and see if we get any volunteers. In the meantime you are welcome to start a chart and put what information you have into it. If you would like a sample of a coverage table to use as a guideline look at the one in the wiki article: Ireland Vital Records Index at

I have noticed that there are gaps on the FamilySearch website in my Fitzhenry/ Fitzharris BMDs which should have been present in the Civil Registrations (I am very grateful to the LDS that there are any extractions available at all and this is in no way a criticism).
I am going to extract the Fitzhenry/Fitzharris entries directly from the GRO indexes in Dublin and will compare them with what is available on Familysearch.
If any other surname researcher has done a similar comparison, would they please make their findings known.

Jo Fitz-Henry (Fitz(-)henry one name study)

Today I added a table listing the microfilms & DGS (Digital Genealogical Society numbers) for deaths which shows that all death indexes for these years should be included in the historical records collection for Ireland Civil Registration Indexes. If this table works for identifying exactly what is included in the collection let me know and I will add similar tables listing the microfilms included for births and marriages. If there are other data elements to include or consider please point them out here on the discussion page so we can make this a wiki page a model for specifying collection content and coverage in a way that will benefit all family historians. Gellilwcca 23:29, 11 April 2011 (UTC)

Gaps in the Transcript of Ireland Civil Registration Indexes, 1864-1870

The tables below are for entries found in the microfilmed index registers or at the registrar office but not found in the FamilySearch index of those index microfilms. Always search the original registers if the name you expect to find is not in the online database.


Year Surname Given Name Age District Volume Page Notes
1864 Doupe Sarah 79 Rathkeale 10 423
1866 Doupe Margaret 0 Rathkeale 5 456
1870 Doupe Henry 1 Rathkeale 5 476
1866 Douge Deniss 63 Rathdrum 7 814 A search just for Rathdrum only returns entries for 1864-1865 and it seems unlikely that the district would have no deahts for 1866-1870. Gellilwcca


Year Surname Given Name Age District Volume Page Notes


Year Surname Given Name Age District Volume Page Notes

Availability of Northern Ireland Films

Quote . . .

"Northern Ireland from 1922-1959 HAS NOT BEEN INDEXED on under the Historical Records Portion as of 2011. Plans for this being indexed are not known.

There are film indexes and actual records 1922-1959 on microfilm Births, Marriages, deaths. These microfilm can be viewed at the Family History Library or ordered into a Family History Center."

However, any Northern Ireland films of Indexes or Registers are marked of the FHL Catalogue as "No circulation to family history centers".