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I came over to the Kentucky State page to see if a link was already included for the minorities.  When I hit the minorities hotlink, it took me to Maryland Minorities.  I clicked back and noticed that all of the links on the Kentucky page went to Maryland.  I do remember the Maryland State page being one of the barnraising pages and maybe that Maryland page, as a template eventually became Kentucky.  Good.  But all of those links on the left side need to be redone.  It is releatively simple and I could redo them, but I just wanted to make sure that is actually the case. 

tia.  Great work is done here.


Me again. I went to look at the KY sidebar to make sure this was the case, and it does look like so.  Before I do any edits, I wanted to be sure I was editing a copy of the MD sidebar and not the MD sidebar itself.


You're correct, Darlene.  The sidebar was showing Maryland links.  It has been corrected and now reflects KY and KY links.