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The following London City parishes' years have in fact been indexed and posted in

The Temple (Church)

St Michael Le Querne was united with St Vedast Foster Lane  from 1538-1877 and thus have to be considered "extracted"--even though later years showup as a "Computer Printout", i.e. 1837-1877

All Hallows Lombard Street - 1813-1846 chrs; 1813- 1837

St Alphage London By The Wall - 1813-1863 - chrs; 1754-1885 marrs

St Bartholomew the Less - 1547-1837 marriages
St Benet Gracechurch -  1730-1837 marrs; 1730-1866 chrs
St Dunstan in the West - chrs 1800-1840
St Katherine Coleman - 1710- 1877 - chrs; 1741-1841 marrs
St Michael Crooked Lane - 1749-1875 chrs; 1749-1825 marrs.
St Nicholas Olave - was united to St Nicholas Coleabbey; however, an almost complete range of years have been extraced and included in F.S. for this parish with the years 1721-1812 marriages Un-extracted (a comparison check ought to also be conducted for this parish to ensure data's in F.S.)

St Olave Silver Street - 1616-1736 chrs only, online
Most of the Inns, liberties

1. All Hallows Barking - fairly recent acquisitions; no extractions yet
2. St Paul's Cathedral - overlooked by Extraction Division
3. St Leonard Foster Lane - was united to Christchurch Greyfriars Newgate Street and just about all data has been extracted (1755-1803 excepted; perhaps a spot check in the registers of both ought to be conducted to verify of all years are complete)

Feel free to make updates Phil. Murphynw 19:58, 8 February 2012 (UTC)