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1855 New York state census - missing counties???

Please list as part of the description of the record those counties that are NOT included.  I searched for my John Calkins b.1785 in New York & he was not there as well as there not being ANY Calkins from Wayne County when it was the Wayne County Historian who gave me the 1855 State census info on John Calkins b.1787 which showed his birth county as Chenango (something very inportant that the 1855 shows).  Does that mean that the WHOLE of Wayne County is missing from your digitized version???   I suspect it does since no Calkins at all show up in Wayne County in your digitized version, & they WERE there as the County Historian's info indicated.  I'm hoping it's not just Calkins that are excluded.  Once again - Please list the counties included in your digitized version OR list the counties NOT included in it.  That makes it much more USEFUL to real genealogists.  Not to mention accurate.

ANSWER:The title description of this Collection tells you to view the Wiki or browse the collection to view the coverage. If you click on Browse through 84,493 images, you will notice that Wayne county is not included in the listing, and is therefore not available for viewing online. There are no records listed for Wayne County in the catalog, either.

It remains disappointing to see the film for Mentz not "fixed" yet,  The index exists, the images exist, but no one "makes" them available month after month after month.

ANSWER: We are sorry the pages are still not available.  There are contract restrictions that limit online viewing on this film that have not yet been worked out.  We have asked for a review of the issue again.  As noted in the Known Issue --The film#1435219 can be ordered  into a local FamilySearch Center for viewing.