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 Name of page as Norwich Cathedral, Norfolk vs Norwich, Norfolk??....  This page's content seems to be content mostly associated with what I would think of as a Norwich, Norfolk page. As relatively new England researcher I was trying to find a Norwich page which could show me a list of all the parishes in Norwich and also some info on existing Norwich polls. Perhaps because the Church of England was esentially also the government, "Norwich Cathedral" and "Norwich, Norfolk" are considered interchangable in the experienced English researchers world? But I find myself confused.... in the mentality of a relatively new English researcher --where do I look for a list of non-conformist Norwich churches (not too mention other Norwich English record types I don't even know the name of and hence wouldn't even know to do a wiki search for) if there isn't a Norwich landing page? Anyway, just some thoughts. JanaStokes 19:12, 18 September 2013 (UTC)