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Sources in Pedigree Resource File

The notes say that sources are provided, but there appears not be a way they can be seen. The Source line in the notes includes a number of Alpha-numeric references but they mean nothing. It would be helpful if there was some explanation so that the original source for the entry can be seen.

I research the Kuschel, Lemm, Buersken, Zwak, Zwack, Czech families and some of the information that I have found, on this site, has been very helpful to finding my ancestors.  I have dates and places, for a lot of my ancestors, and I have found mistakes, on this site, as well.  All of my information comes from family members, they have family bibles and any old obituaries and or prayer cards.  I do appreciate all of the information that this site does supply to all of us who are researching thier ancestors,  Thank you Connie Melton