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Linking to Pennsylvania probate record images

I have found many useful documents in this database. In order to share my research and to allow others to see a document image from my website, I have copied the URL from my web browser and have made a link at my website to that URL. Is this a recommended method for documenting an image, or will the addresses to the images change after the images have been indexed? 

ANSWER: It is not advised to use URLs.  They can change. If you use a URL we suggest you check it occasionally to assure it still works. It is better to provide a path where they can be found on the site or the search criteria used. 

Future content of the Pennsylvania Probate Records.

The Lancaster County Orphans Court Records include only one title: Orphans' Court record index 1742-1755, as of July 1, 2013. The Family History Library Catalogue lists microfilms 21369 through 21381 and 941237 through 941245. Are there plans to add these microfilms to the Pennsylvania Probate Records, or to another FamilySearch database?

ANSWER: This is a work in progress.  Information will be added as it becomes available.
Information about upcoming collections is not made available prior to publication due to various factors that can affect the publication time line, such as contract agreements with record custodians or partnership societies, final assembly considerations, server capacity, geographic considerations, prioritization of collections at risk, delivery type, and so forth.
We invite you to visit the site regularly as new information and collections are being added often.