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Just to let contributors know, I took most of the info that was in the old beginning page for Scotland and transferred it to the new Portal Page. Since people may not know to type in 'Portal:Scotland,' I added a link from the old page to the portal page.  I deleted the Scottish plaid.  It would be nice to add some other graphic, such as the Scottish arms, to the portal page.  I welcome one of you to do so.


I have some suggestions about the Scotland pages in general. It seems to me that the pages are written from a Family History Library perspective. For example, when I look at a parish page for the census, it gives me the FHL film numbers and a series of CD-ROM numbers for indexes without mentioning what to do with the CD-ROM numbers. It doesn't even mention Scotlands People or Ancestry in that section (it's mentioned elsewhere, but needs to be in the census section for each parish). I think this may apply in other areas, as well. What do others think?

Alan 08:33, 12 April 2010 (UTC)

Alan, I agree. Additional access information needs to be added to include other than FHL. I won't be able to do that any time soon so hopefully the community will contribute information.

BakerBH 20:03, 13 April 2010 (UTC)