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BYU Outlines are duplicates of these Wiki pages; therefore, the link to them has been removed. DiltsGD 20:34, 16 November 2010 (UTC)

There may be a problem with the links to extinct counties, districts that became counties, etc. These appear to be nonfunctional as links. I attempted to add a link below them (county formation timeline), and it doesn't appear to be functional either.

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Question:  If the BYU Outlines are duplicates of these Wiki pages [see 16Nov2010 comment above], then where is the link to connect the researcher to the information in these BYU documents?  The template used has frozen the category:  Counties or Districts.  All sections above and below are functional. Hmmm! Who is the template fairy that plopped the template in this section?  User:Saguache214