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(autolink Geographic coordinate system, remove {{pp-template}})
(Use Wpd instead of AutoLiink)
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<span style="font-size: small"><span id="coordinates">{{AutoLink|Geographic coordinate system|Coordinates}}: {{{pre-link-text|}}}{{{1}}}{{{post-link-text|}}}</span></span><noinclude>{{documentation|Template:Coord/sub doc}}[[Category:Coord template]]</noinclude>
<span style="font-size: small"><span id="coordinates">{{Wpd|Geographic coordinate system|Coordinates}}: {{{pre-link-text|}}}{{{1}}}{{{post-link-text|}}}</span></span><noinclude>{{documentation|Template:Coord/sub doc}}[[Category:Coord template]]</noinclude>

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Coordinates: {{{1}}}
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The following templates are "subroutines" of {{Coord}}. Separating them out drastically reduces the pre-expand size of {{Coord}}. They shouldn't be invoked directly.

name function
{{Coord/display/inline}} displays coordinates inline
{{Coord/display/inline,title}} displays coordinates inline and above the article
{{Coord/display/title}} displays coordinates above the article (generally to the right of the article's title)
{{Coord/link}} generates microformats and link to GeoHack
{{Coord/input/dec}} reads coordinates in decimal degrees {{coord|12|-12}}
{{Coord/input/d}} reads coordinates in decimal degrees with directional letters {{coord|12|N|12|W}}
{{Coord/input/dm}} reads coordinates in degrees/minutes format {{coord|12|12|N|12|12|W}}
{{Coord/input/dms}} reads coordinates in degrees/minutes/seconds format {{coord|12|12|12|N|12|12|12|W}}
{{Coord/input/ERROR}} generates error message if the inputs do not match any of the above formats
{{Coord/input/error2}} generates error message for range checks and such
{{Coord/input/nolat}} generates error message for missing latitude
{{Coord/negzeropad}} pads a positive number with trailing zeroes until it matches the precision of a negative number
{{Coord/prec dec}} selects a format for converting decimal degrees, based on the precision of the inputs