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[[Category:Maintenance templates]]
[[Category:Maintenance templates|{{PAGENAME}}]]

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  • Wiki users cannot delete pages, but they can add the request to delete by adding this Delete template to a page or a section of a page.
  • Add this Delete request template to a page by typing {{Delete}}
  • In general you should supply the reason the cleanup is needed, e.g., {{Delete|This page is spam}}.
  • The user should also add justification for deletion details when needed for clarification on the article talk page.
  • Sections of a page/article could have the Delete template, or the template could be added for the whole page. Only the section(s) tagged with the Delete template should be deleted.
  • If you are using the template only for documentation purposes, you can suppress the Category:Deletion Requests by adding a blank category parameter, e.g., {{Delete|This page is spam|category=}}.

See also

  • {{DeleteASAP}} for articles that need immediate attention and deletion.