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== Purpose ==
To easily add and maintain a sidebar with links to standard pages for an article about a major place in [[England]]. This version is designed to prevent the problems with the navigation bar on the right side of the page being pushed below the content and to allow text to flow under the sidebar when it extends that far down the page.
== Usage==
To use this template insert the code {{tl|ENG-sidebar}} at the top of an article. This will produce a sidebar menu with 3 sections, '''News & Events''', '''Topics''' and '''Did You Know'''.
The '''Topics''' section will list a number of articles as defined by this template. The article links for each will be prefixed by the name of the page in which the sidebar is inserted, although this prefix will not be shown in the listing.
The other two boxes can be configured with specific information for page. Finally at the end of the sidebar optional [[FamilySearch Wiki:Resource badge templates|resource badges]] can be added . The three parameters that allow you to do this are; '''news''', '''info''' abd '''badges'''. If not defined the default text as shown below will be shown.
{| border="1"
!Field Name !! Usage !! Description
| news || optional || Add items to the '''News & Events''' box<br>Default<tt>
* Add news items
| info || optional || Add items to the '''Did You Know''' box<br>Default<tt>
* Add information
| badges || optional || Add badges to the sidebar<br>Default<br>
{{Forum badge
| layout = vertical
| forum link = http://forums.familysearch.org/en/forumdisplay.php?f=24
| forum name = England Research Forums
[[Category:Sidebar templates|{{PAGENAME}}]]

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