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This template can be used to add a header to articles about FamilySearch Historical Record Collections available to search or browse. Using the template it is possible to add a link in the wiki inviting users to search or browse the records described in the article.

When the site changed from beta to production, articles that had used this template were updated with a single edit to the {{RecordSearch}} template.


The reference for the collection, including the prefix CID optional.
If included this parameter must be formatted like {{FamilySearch Collection|CID=CIDxxxxxxx }}.
NOTE: There is a space after the reference and before the closing braces (or following parameters). It is important to include a space as this is the format used by FamilySearch to link to the article in question. If the space is missing the link will not be found.
The text to be displayed in the link. optional
NOTE: If either of the parameters, CID or title are omitted the URL for the site will be displayed.
The country or region to which the records relate. Used to add the category location FamilySearch Record Collections. If omitted the article will be added to Category:FamilySearch Historical Records.
NOTE: The auto-categorization of the article can be suppressed by adding category= as an additional parameter.
Define this parameter (schedule=) when the collection is not yet available but is scheduled to be so in the future.

Multiple CID references

If the collection that is being refered to has more than one CID reference, then you can define these in the template along with a display title in pairs, up to a maximum of nine.

For example

{{FamilySearch Collection
|title=Baptisms 1700-1900
|title2=Marriages 1700-1900
|title3=Deaths 1700-1900