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{{Navbox |name = Pacific |style = width: 100%; |title = Pacific Island Guide to Family History Research |titlestyle = text-align: center; |basestyle = background: #EEEEEE; |liststyle = background: #FAF5FF; |group1 = Part 1: |list1 = 'How to Use This Guide  · LDS Island Heritage |group2 = Part 2: Research Steps 1-9 |list2 = 1. Write what you can from memory · 2. Gather written records · 3. Learn about customs and history · 4. Gather oral histories from your oldest relatives · 5. Organize your information · 6. Organize your papers · 7. Track your research · 8. Find ancestors on the IGI · 9. Obtain and search other records |group3 = Part 3: Pacific Islands |list3 = Cook Islands · Easter Island · Fiji · 'French Polynesia: · Austral Islands · Gambier Islands · Marquesas Islands · Society Islands · Tuamotu Islands · Hawaii background and case study · Hawaii research helps · Micronesia: · Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) · Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands · Kiribati (Gilbert Islands) ·

Marshall Islands
New Caledonia
New Zealand Maori Customs and Background
New Zealand Maori research ideas
Capt. Cook, a British explorer, mapped many of the Pacific islands.
Papua New Guinea
Samoa (Western and American)
Solomon Islands
Tongan customs and research ideas
Tongan oral history
Register of Tongan Oral Histories
Tuvalu (Ellice Islands)
Wallis and Futuna Islands

Step 10. Submit names to the IGI
Step 11. Share what you found
Pacific Island Guide Bibliography


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