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{{documentation|Template:Userbox documentation}}
To use this WikiProject Social Media user template, place the following code on your [[FamilySearch Wiki:User page|user page]]:
{{tlx|user WikiProject Social Media}}
This [[Help:Template|template]] displays the [[FamilySearch Wiki:Userboxes|userbox]] shown above, and adds the user page to the following [[Help:Category|category]]:
*[[:Category:WikiProject Social Media participants]]
This template page belongs to the following categories:
[[Category:WikiProject Social Media]]
[[Category:WikiProject Social Media]]
[[Category:WikiProject user templates|Social Media]]
[[Category:WikiProject user templates|Social Media]]

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This is a userbox, a small colored box you can add to your User page to share information about yourself, or help other users learn about you so you can collaborate.

Add the userbox

To add this userbox to your user page :

  1. Go to your user page.
  2. Click to Edit This Page.
  3. Place your cursor where you would like to see the userbox.
  4. Click on the {T} icon in your toolbar (or the Wikitext button).
  5. Enter {{User WikiProject Social Media}}, click ok if needed, then save the page.

Additional userboxes can be found in the FamilySearch Wiki:Userboxes/Gallery.

If you have a number of userboxes, you can put {{userboxtop}} before and {{userboxbottom}} after the list to order them together on your user page.

For more information about userboxes, see Help:Userbox.