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(Change in format of How-To Box)
(replace bespoke talk page intro with {{talk header}} template)
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''Add comments here about the development of this navigational index of the '''[[:Category:How to articles|How to articles]]''' ''
{{talk header}}
== Question about category  ==
== Question about category  ==

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Question about category

I'm working on a major project to establish a process for the creation and implementation of categories. Currently I'm looking at the Help related categories. The links in is template takes the user to articles that reside in the Help namespace. So I don't understand why this template automatically adds the category "How to articles" to the pages it resides on. In addition the pages that are listed in this template have also had the "How to articles" category added to each page. What is the logic behind this? Why should Help content found in the Help namespace have both the "Help" category and the "How to articles" category? -Fran 21:06, 11 May 2011 (UTC)

Change in format of How-To Box

Contributor help
Editing a Page
Editing tool
Wikitext cheatsheet
Internal links
External links
Moving (renaming)
Style guide
User page
Talk pages
Tracking changes
Recent changes
Adding to articles
Advanced tables
Quick guide
All Contributor Help
Contributor Help Menu
Getting Started
User Page and Preferences
Community Center
Resources and Lists
Creating a Page
Technical Information
Principles and Policies
Volunteer to Help

I have created a new template {{Contributor Help}} that includes links to the main pages featured on the redesigned Help:Contributor Help page and added it to these pages. In doing so I undid the changes back to the 22 December version of this template and then made some further edits; renaming the header for the template (to avoid confusion in having two templates using the same heading). I also remove the 11 group that was not displaying (there is a limit of 10 groups) the contents of which anyhow are now included in the {{User Help}} template. --Steve (talk| contribs) 09:00, 2 January 2012 (UTC)