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Contemplating a change

As we create links in the wiki, we're careful to make them describe where they're pointing to so that users don't have to either click on them or mouse over them to see where they're going to lead. The link this template creates on the Ohio Vital Records page is "Professionals who can access these records." First, I think the link's wording should clarify that the list of researchers it leads to is on FamilySearch Wiki rather than just some self-serving mom-and-pop shop. Second, for SEO reasons, I think the link should contain the word "genealogists" because "professional genealogists" ranks much higher on Google than "professional researchers" for family history specifically. So I'll going to wordsmith a change for this template and we can do further revisions as necessary. RitcheyMT 18:45, 30 July 2012 (UTC)