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|motto="We Never Guess, We Make It Up"
|motto="We Never Guess, We Make It Up"

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The Brickwall Genealogical Society
Motto "We Never Guess, We Make It Up"
Established 1976
Contact Info
Address 666 Wall Street, Deadwood, South Dakota 57731
Telephone (605) 123-1234
Fax (605) 123-1233
Email brickwall@frustrated.net
Website thebrickwallgensoc.org
Facebook us on Facebook at The Brickwall Society Follow us on Facebook
Society Meetings
Address 666 Wall Street, Deadwood, South Dakota 57731
Day of Meeting Every first Wednesday of the month
Time of Meeting 7:00pm
Society Building
Address 666 Wall Street, Deadwood, South Dakota 57731
Hours Monday, Noon to 5:00pm; Wednesday-Friday, 9:00am to 9:00pm; Saturday, 10:00am to 3:00pm
Society Officers
President Joe Bob Walton
Vice-President Mary Sue Brickston
Members Too Many
Cost of Membership $25.00 per year
Affiliations National Genealogical Society
Last updated: Jul 23, 2017

Purpose of Our Society

To assist those in breaking through their brickwall research problems. If that is not possible, we can help you build fictitious stories about your family history using photoshopped documents to create generational links.

Help We Can Provide

Record Collections

A Name for Every Brickwall Problem 

  • Located: Currently the records are not available online and can only be accessed by visiting the society. 
  • How to access: (order information, website)
  • Why to search this record: (can link to wiki article)

(Continue to add any additional collections)

  • (repeat bullets above of info about the collection)

Indexes for (County/town/state name)

  • (Name of index (if online add link to name of index)) - How to access: (if not online, order info. If it is online, remove "How to access")

Publications In Our Holdings

  • (general description or list of titles)
  • (general description of list of titles)
Family Files (any other paper files)
  • (general description or list of surnames)
  • (general descriptions)

Publications for Sale

(link to website selling publications)

Look up Services

(Instructions and fees)

  • (List of local repositories willing to visit)

How to Do Research in (name of town/county)

  • (list of classes whether online or onsite)

Local Repositories We Visit

  • (list of repositories your members visit to do genealogy)

Benefits to Those Who Join Our Society

Cost of membership and how to join:

Unlimited Online Access to:

  • (List of online databases)


Free Look Ups:

  • (List of look ups)

Field Trips:

(Include any other additional benefits of membership in your Society):

Our Society Happenings


(details of meetings: how often, where, when, what is the purpose of the meeting, i.e., genealogical instruction, planning projects, etc.)


(details: topics, when, where, cost, etc.)

Board Meetings

(details of board meetings: how often, where, when, who is invited)

Our Society Projects


  • (List each project)

Past Projects

  • (List each project)