The Catskill Story, Colfax County, New Mexico

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The lovely story of Catskill is told in a pamphlet "The Catskill, New Mexico Story" by Father Stanley, February 1964. The following is an alphabetic list of 124 people mentioned in the story. It is recommended that the pamphlet be checked out through your local library through the inter library loan program. To find the library closest to you that has this pamphlet you can search

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Abeyta, sawmill

J.G.Allard, lathe mills

Mrs. MaudeAndrews

David Barker, butcher shop, first murder over a dog

J.B. Barton, horse racing

B.H. Bicknell, stockholder

G. Blethem, guitarist


Bonewitz, guitarist

WalterBowden, wheelbarrow race

Molly Brett, fastest racer

Brousel, on baseball team

John Burke, train conductor

Bill Butler

Everett Butler, wheelbarrow race, dancer

Florence Butler, Maypole dancer and queen

Henry Butler, Long Distance Records Horse Club, deputy sheriff

WileyButler, wheelbarrow race

William Butler, potato farmer, chairman Long Distance Records Horse Club

Miss Caldwell, school teacher

Professor W. A.Chapman, school teacher

Dr. E.G. Condit, day doctor and surgeon

Dr.Cotton, doctor, drugstore owner, Long Distance Records Horse Club, Catskill Pleasure Association

Miss Cotten, actress

Berta Cotton

Harry Cotton, fastest racer

William Carleton Cotton

Crow, on baseball team, actor


Daily, fastest racer

L.H. Dake, Long Distance Records Horse Club

J.B. Dawson, stockholder

De Reemer, railroad engineer


Dolan, on baseball team

Henry Doyle, tie contractor

Richard Dunn, tie and lumber company

Dunaway, railroad superintendent

Joe Fowler

Dr. D. Frankenburger, doctor, clarinet player 

F.F. Frankenburger, guitarist

H.G. Frankenburger, actor, postmaster 

Frederick, trainmaster

Ira Gave, saloon destroyed by fire

JohnGentry, horse racing, Long Distance Records Horse Club

George, fastest racer

James T. Gibbons, first murder over a dog

Gibson, on baseball team

E.A. Gibson, Long Distance Records Horse Club

Ede Gillum, builder

Allie Gillum

LuluGillum, Maypole dancer

V. Gillum, fastest racer, Maypole dancer

John Griffin, livery stable, Long Distance Records Horse Club

Gumm, train conductor

Frank Gumm


Hamburger, train engine engineer

Henry Hedrick, altercation

Hench, on baseball team

Pete Hennesay, assistant railroad engineer for track

Ben Higgenbottom, tie contractor

John T.Hixenbaugh, saloon destroyed by fire, famous sheriff, assesor, cattleman

Howe, Marshall

W.G. Hughes, stockholder

Al Johnstone, German recitor

Kelly, on baseball team

W.D. Kerschiner, deputy sheriff

CharlesKohlhoff, town shoemaker

CharlesLaub, Long Distance Records Horse Club

J.L. Laub

AlbertLawrence, postmaster, president Maxwell Timber company 

J.F."Linty" Linthurst, railroad agent

G.E.Lyon, stockholder

Russell Marcy, stockholder

McAlpine, sawmills

Dolph McAlpine

W.W. McAlpine, attempted assassination

LizzieMcKee, postmaster

Minnie McKee, postmaster

C.F.Meek, railroad general manager

FrankMiller, altercation, worked in a saloon

Henry Musgrove, dancer

Newton, sawmill and lumber company

J.C. Osgood, Maxwell Timber company

O.W. Peacot, attempted assassination

Pels, Maxwell land grant alcohol prohibition

Mrs.Purdy, hotel owner

FrankReed, Drum Corps

Russell, actor

Rev. Sanders


E.J. Segerstrom, Catskill Pleasure Association

MildredSegerstrom, Maypole dancer

Wilbur Segerstrom, fastest racer

Willie Segerstrom, dancer

Shaw, on baseball team

Miss A.G. Shaw, Irish skirt dancer

Mrs. Shaw, actress

Nellie Shaw, Maypole dancer

Olive Silvernail, principal

Oscar Slatery, horse racing

CharlesSpringer, investor

DonaldStewart, published weekly news

St. Vrain, on baseball team

Prof. Taylor, cornet player

R.B. Taylor, Catskill Pleasure Association

Thompson, on baseball team

OlafThompson, hotel owner

B. Tice, Maypole dancer

BertTice, dancer

Mrs. Agnes Troy

Celso Trujillo, town hunter

Van Houten, Maxwell Land Grant company developer

Vasquez, saw mill

Voss, on baseball team

J.M. Waldcom (Waldson), first postmaster

J.M. Waldron, Long Distance Records Horse Club

Bill Walp, charoal man

Harry Whigham, stockholder

Wilder, sawmill

Amy Williams, fastest racer

E.A. Williams, hotel manager

Florence Yorke, school teacher

Gertie York, singer

Yorke, fastest racer

GeorgeYorke, wheelbarrow race