The Koehler Story, Colfax County, New Mexico

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The Koehler, New Mexico Story. A pamphlet by Father Stanley, printed March 1961, Box 503, Dumas, Texas, no copywright. The pamphlet mentions the following people that may be genealogical interest to you.

To go to details of the town / mining camp of Koehler, Click here.


Liston Sherwood Atchison, WW I volunteer

R.L. Bandy, Boy scout leader and organizer

Gabriel Barela, WW I volunteer

James A Bartholemew, WW I volunteer

Thomas Bartholomew

 J.F. Belote

E.J. Belton, Swatika route agent

Mr and Mrs W.C, Beuge, electrician and wife

William Bouldin, Deputy sheriff

Mrs. M. Boyer, chairman Christmas Bazaar

Mr and Mrs. N.R. Boyer

C.A. Bradley

A.F. Brown

Albert Busch, WW I volunteer

Jackson Calhoun, deputy sheriff

Charles Campbell

C.M. Campbell

Carlisle, baseball pitcher

William Carr

Pete Antonio Casias, WW I volunteer

Guiseppe Cerno, WW I volunteer

N.P. Chapman

Clements, barber

Jennie Collier

George Cookery

Edith Cowles

G.L. Cross

Neil Curran

Dr. Curry, physician


Basilio D'Agostino, WW I volunteer

S.M. Davis, butcher

Mrs. Denel

Mrs. James Deull

Arthur Ellis

Albert Evans

Miss Evans

Even, baseball catcher

Thomas Leo Finley, WW I volunteer

Dr. Fuquay, physician

Leon Fuquay

Candido Gallegos, WW I volunteer

Ruperto Gallegos, WW I volunteer

Tracy Garret, reporter

Gayel, baseball left fielder

Frank Gayett

W.H. Guilfoil

Margaret Hall

Ed Hawkins, WW I volunteer

Lafayette Hawkins

James R Hays, WW I volunteer

Mildred Head, teacher

Alfred Herin, WWI volunteer

Dr. H.W. Heyman, physician

C.C. Hornaday

John Horsman


Charles Irmes

Evan Jones

Charles Kallesar

Barbara Kashunsky

John Clifford Kean, WW I volunteer

Charlotte, Kellner, teacher

A. Kerr, baseball center fielder

F. Kerr, baseball right fielder

Henry Koehler, President of the mining company 

Hugo A Koehler, Vice President of St; Louis, Rocky Mountain and Pacific Company

Charlotte Kellner

George Kotara, WW I volunteer

Mrs. Frank Lawiher, assistant postmaster

Katy Leahy

H.M. Letts, rancher and manager Rocky Mountain Supply Company, packing plant

Nicolas Leyba, WW I volunteer

W.B. Lightburn

Benito Lopez, WW I volunteer

Mrs. Walter Lovett, secretary and treasurer of the Progress Club

Victor Lusa, WW I volunteer

Pete Madrid, WW I volunteer

Bud Maguire, First Deputy sheriff

Mrs. Malcomb, school principal

Attilo Marcelo, WW I volunteer

Luigi Martino, WWI volunteer

E.O. Maulsby

James F McDougal, WW I volunteer

Dovie McIntosh, teacher

Miss Moore, nurse

Lanterio Morales, WW I volunteer

Mr and Mrs. Lewis Mourer


John Oberst

P. Pacheco, store clerk

Steve Pappas, WW I volunteer

Eugene Ray Peoples, WW I volunteer

Giovanni Rea, WW I volunteer

J.W. Records, master mechanic

John W Reed, WW I volunteer

Dora Rhoady, secretary and treasurer of the Progress Club 

Albert Rose

Betty Roseberry, teacher

Roundsley, baseball shortstop

Solomon Sanchez, WW I volunteer

Ben Segura, WWI volunteer

Bernabe Segura, WW I volunteer

Telesfor Segura, WW I volunteer

Simjdeman, baseball third base

Charles Springer, developer

E.T. Springer, mine president

Gemmil Stedeford, WW I volunteer

Strong, baseball first base

Dr. T.A. Triplett, physician

J. Van Houten, mine president

Danac Verganelaskia, WW I volunteer

Myra Waggoner

W.A. Whittebury, barber

C.W. Widenstein, bank cashier

Herman Wildenstein

Miss Wilkerson, teacher

Nanny Wilkinson, School principal

William Ben Wilkowsky, WW I volunteer

Williams, Railroad Conductor

Lee Williams, WW I volunteer

Cecil Wimberly, WW I volunteer

Woodward, baseball pitcher