Sachsen-Altenburg Court Records

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Erbkauf, Lehnschein, Verschreibung, Verzicht, Geradekauf, Pachtcontract, Hypotheken are all legal documents registered with the lower court. Our ancestors were able to buy and sell land in order to cultivate it. They did not own it, they only had a right of use. The landowner (manor lord) remained the owner and was in charge of all the major developments and decisions pertaining to the ground. The right of use was inheritable or could be sold, usually to a relative (the oldest or youngest son or a son in law). The proceedings were recorded in Erbkaufverträge (sales). When a father/mother was ready to retire, he/she would either give the child the farm or sell it to him (daughters usually were paid off). In such sales were also build-in stipulations of how the conditions of the retirement of the outgoing farmer should be handled.
Other records pertaining to the land are “Lehnscheine” (deeds), “Verschreibungen” (bonds), “Verzicht” (waiver), “Hypotheken” (mortgages). A “Pachtcontract” was issued when ancestors leased a piece of property (a house). A “Geradekauf” is a record of female possessions either brought into or acquired during marriage and then being sold, given away or bequeathed to her family. Erbkaufverträge and Geradekäufe would yield information pertinent to family research, since names, dates and places are included in such records.

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Court records for Sachsen-Altenburg prior to 1866 are available in the Thuringia State Archive for the following administrations:

Courts of Sachsen-Altenburg before 1866

Amt Roda
Amt Ronneburg
Gerichtsamt Eisenberg
Gerichtsamt Gößnitz
Gerichtsamt I Altenburg
Gerichtsamt II Altenburg
Gerichtsamt Kahla
Gerichtsamt Lucka
Gerichtsamt Roda
Gerichtsamt Ronneburg
Amtsgericht Schmölln
Appellationsgericht Altenburg
Kriminalgericht Roda
Landgericht mit Staatsanwaltschaft

Courts of Freistaat Sachsen-Altenburg 1866-1920
Amtsgericht Altenbug
Amtsgericht Eisenberg
Amtsgericht Kahla
Amtsgericht Meuselwitz
Amtsgericht Roda
Amtsgericht Ronneburg
Amtsgericht Schmölln
Appellationsgericht Altenburg
Kriminalgericht Altenburg
Kriminalgericht Roda
Landgericht Altenburg mit Staatsanwaltschaft

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