Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach Taxation

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Verrechten, Geschoß

The word "Verrechte" comes from the German word "entrichten" = pay what is due. Verrechte were recorded in a Verrechtebuch also known as Geschoßbuch, which means taxable farms and their dues were listed. In other words, these books contain tax computations. Usually the owner of a property or properties is named.

Source: Kreisarchiv Sömmerda

Some Verrechten are available through FamilySearch catalog, keyword search: Verrechten. Films can be ordered through the Family History Center network.


are taxes which are attached to a property owned by a manor lord. Such taxes can consist of money or delivery in kind.  Each property was evaluated according to its yield. Such a measure may have been named "Schock". In order to understand more fully how this worked read the history of Grosserkmannsdorf at

Some records of Erbzinsen for Thuringia-Sachsen Weimar-Eisenach are available through FamilySearch, catalog, Keywordsearch: Erbzinsen. Films can be ordered through the Family History Center network.