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{{FHCpage|location=Utah}} [[Image:Utahtooelevalleyfhc.jpg|600px|Utahtooelevalleyfhc.jpg]]  
=== Center Contacts and Hours  ===
=== Center Contacts and Hours  ===
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*751 North 520 East Tooele Utah 84074 United States
*751 North 520 East Tooele Utah 84074 United States
*(Include information about your center that would be helpful for first time visitors such which entrance in the building to use, parking, etc. Use as many or as few bullet points as needed.)
*''Add information on entering the FHC, parking, and if handicapped accessible.''
*The center is in the back of the Tooele East Stake Center.
*The center is in the back of the Tooele East Stake Center.
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*1 435-882-1396
'''FHC Director:'''  
'''FHC Director:'''  
*'''Roger Keith Koon'''
*'''Roger Keith Koon - 1 435-843-5647 '''
*Assistant Directors: Peggy Ann Koon
*Assistant Directors: Peggy Ann Koon
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'''Open Hours:'''  
'''Open Hours:'''  
'''Open Hours:'''  
*'''Tuesday and Thursday: 10:00-4:00, 7:00pm.-9:00pm.'''
*'''Wednesday: 10:00am. - 4:00pm.'''
*'''Friday:10:00am. - 4:00pm. '''
*'''Saturday: '''
*'''Tuesday and Thursday:''' 10:00-4:00, 7:00pm.-9:00pm.
:*For an appointment, please contact the director in advance at 1 435-882-1396.
*'''Wednesday: 10:00am. - 4:00pm.
*'''Friday:10:00am. - 4:00pm.
*'''Saturday: '''''For an appointment, please contact the director in advance at 1 435-882-1396.'''''
'''Holiday Schedule:'''  
'''Holiday Schedule:'''  
*'''Closed Thanksgiving - November 17- 24.'''  
:*'''Closed Thanksgiving - November 17- 24.'''  
''' Closed December 17- January 7 Christmas'''
:*'''Closed December 17- January 7 Christmas'''
=== Calendar and Events  ===
=== Calendar and Events  ===
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=== Center Resources  ===
=== Center Resources  ===

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FamilySearch This article describes the services and resources available at a Family History Center, a branch facility of the Family History Library.

Center Contacts and Hours

Location Map:


  • 751 North 520 East Tooele Utah 84074 United States
  • The center is in the back of the Tooele East Stake Center.

FHC Phone:

  • 1 435-882-1396


  • UT_TooeleValley@ldsmail.net

FHC Director:

  • Roger Keith Koon - 1 435-843-5647
  • Assistant Directors: Peggy Ann Koon

Open Hours:

  • Tuesday and Thursday: 10:00-4:00, 7:00pm.-9:00pm.
  • Wednesday: 10:00am. - 4:00pm.
  • Friday:10:00am. - 4:00pm.
  • Saturday:
  • For an appointment, please contact the director in advance at 1 435-882-1396.

Holiday Schedule:

  • Closed Thanksgiving - November 17- 24.
  • Closed December 17- January 7 Christmas

Calendar and Events

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Family Stories That Bring Us Together

Family History Fair

November 9, 2013  Tooele East Stake Center                                    

751 North 520 East, Tooele, Utah                        

For our schedule of classes go to


Center Resources


  • Family History Library Catalog: This center has the ability to order any of the films and fiche available through the Family History Library Catalog.
  • This center has a small library of books that consists of biographies, genealogies, family histories, histories, maps, genealogical reference guides and vital records etc. Use link below to access a list of our books.

Databases and Software

  • FHC Portal This center has access to the Family History Center Portal page which gives free access in the center to premium family history software and websites that generally charge for subscriptions. 
  • We also have Ancestry.com.

Hardware and Equipment

  • We have 12 Lenovo ThinkCentre all in one computers. A digital film reader that prints the documents but can also save the document to a flash drive or cd and four other film readers and one microfiche.

Center Services

Staff Research Specialties

There is always at least one staff member per shift that is an expert in the following areas:

  • Family Trees
  • Familysearch.org
  • Ancestry.com
  • Record Management Programs
  • Google Research
  • Free Research Websites

We always strive to have enough staff so that each patron who comes in can have one-on-one help.

Volunteer at the Center

The center is always looking for volunteers. The shifts are 3 hours long. 10:00-1:00, 1:00-4:00 and two hour shifts in the evenings 7:00-9:00pm. You can choose the shift. It is not necessary to be an expert in family history.