UK County Abbreviations

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Common English county abbreviations. See also Chapman Codes.

County Alternative name Abbreviation
Bedfordshire County of Bedford Beds
Berkshire County of Berks Berks
Buckinghamshire County of Buckingham Bucks
Cambridgeshire County of Cambridge Cambs
Cheshire County of Chester Ches
Cornwall Corn
Cumberland Cumb
Derbyshire County of Derby Derbys, Derbs
Devon Devonshire Dev
Dorset Dorsetshire Dor
County Durham County of Durham Co Dur
Gloucestershire County of Gloucester Glos
Hampshire County of Southampton
Herefordshire County of Hereford Here, Heref
Hertfordshire County of Hertford Herts
Huntingdonshire County of Huntingdon Hunts
Lancashire County of Lancaster Lancs
Leicestershire County of Leicester Leics
Lincolnshire County of Lincoln Lincs
Middlesex Mx, Middx, Mddx
Norfolk Norf
Northamptonshire County of Northampton Northants
Northumberland Northumb, Northd
Nottinghamshire County of Nottingham Notts
Oxfordshire County of Oxford Oxon
Rutland Rutlandshire Rut
Shropshire County of Salop Shrops, Salop
Somerset Somersetshire Som
Staffordshire County of Stafford Staffs, Staf
Suffolk Suff
Surrey Sy
Sussex Sx, Ssx
Warwickshire County of Warwick Warks, War, Warw
Westmorland Westm
Wiltshire County of Wilts Wilts
Worcestershire County of Worcester Worcs
Yorkshire County of York Yorks