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=== Internet Timelines  ===
=== Internet Timelines  ===
[An image of the record]  
Some Internet sites with U.S. history timelines are:<br>
[http://www.shgresources.com/us/timeline/ State History Guide Resources]

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A timeline is a chronological list of events for a person, family, or location.  This is helpful for analyzing events in a family by showing gaps in knowledge about a family or events that probably did not or could not happen for this family. Matching a family timeline with a location timeline can help determine the likelihood of a family's involvement in the events of a locality, such as wars,

Before creating a timeline

Gather family group records for the family in question and look at timelines for the locality.  A family group record is a great source for the family events, even if the record if not complete.

Internet Timelines

Some Internet sites with U.S. history timelines are:

State History Guide Resources


To fully analyze a family, add all the events in a family, including birth, deaths, marriages, divorces, census locations, military service, buying and selling land, etc.

What to do next


Important Dates

See Also

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