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Our family has begun to search the microfilmed church records from the villages in Bukovina (now Chernivtsi oblast) where Baba and Gido's familes originated. We found the later records written in Romanian, earlier records in a mixture of Ukrainian Cyrillic characters and Roman characters. This mixture is within the same entry, and often within the same name. The book <span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-style: italic">Ukrainian Genealogy-A Beginner's Guide </span>has been very helpful as it has information about both languages, and much info we haven't tapped into yet. Here's a link to a description of the book.&nbsp; [http://www.halgal.com/pihach_book_review.html Book Review]
=== Web Sites<br> ===
*[http://odessa3.org/collections/stpete/gros/ Grossliebental -1833-1885 BMD's from the St. Petersburg Lutheran Evangelical Archives]<br>
== Film for Sloboda  Raranze Raranche  Slobodzia  ==
Sloboda previously names are in Romainian, Austrian, Russian, is a small village about 30 miles east of Chernivitsi. &nbsp; The Church Microfilm for this village is &nbsp;1245-9/112, and 113, and 117, and 119, and 120. As well as ... 1245-1/872, &nbsp;1245-16/75, &nbsp;1245-16/76, &nbsp;1245-16/77
I have had trouble searching these out.
Anyone working in this area I have many contacts in this village
Roger Clark

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