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United States Gotoarrow.png U.S. Military Gotoarrow.png U.S. Civil War Gotoarrow.png Cemetery Records

National Graves Registration Database

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, National Graves Registration Database can be searched by name and the search can be narrowed by unit, state of service, cemetery name, town, county or state of burial. Information that may be given for a person includes birth and death dates, age, unit, rank, enlistment and discharge dates, and name and address of cemetery, The database has both Union and Confederate soldiers' information and contains over 4 million names.

Nationwide Gravesite Locator

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Nationwide Gravesite Locator has burial records of veterans and their family members from VA National Cemeteries, state veterans cemeteries, and other veterans cemeteries around the country. The records include Civil War veterans as well as veterans from other wars. The site also provides links to maps of the cemeteries. This database contains records for both Union and Confederate Soldiers.

Card Records of Headstones

The record collection "Card Records of Headstones Provided for Deceased Union Civil War Veterans, ca. 1879 - ca. 1903" (NARA M1845) contains 166,000 records of veterans buried in private cemeteries. Cards are arranged alphabetically and contain the name of the veteran, rank, company, regiment, place of burial, name and location of cemetery, grave number, date of death, and supplier of headstones. [1]



Applications for Headstones (1925-1941)

The record collection "Applications for Headstones for U.S. Military Veterans, 1925-1941" (NARA M1916) contains over 290,000 applications for headstones for U.S. military veterans. Most of the applications are for U.S. military veterans who died during 1925–41, but there are also applications for veterans who died before 1925. Most of the veterans served in the Civil War or later, however, some served in earlier conflicts. In 1906 and 1929 the U.S. government passed laws allowing for headstones for deceased Confederate soldiers as well as Union soldiers. Those applications are included in this collection. Records generally contain the name of the veteran, enlistment and discharge dates, rank, company, regiment, name and location of cemetery, and date of death.[2]

Note: This collection contains both Confederate and Union records.



Roll of Honor

The "Roll of Honor: Names of Soldiers Who Died in Defense of the American Union" 27 Volumes. Published 1865–71. Reprint in ten volumes. Published 1994. (FHL 973 M2roh 1994) (FHL CD #9, part 351) (FHL 1311589–91) (Worldcat). The records are arranged by the burial place. Each entry generally gives the soldier’s name, rank, regiment, company, and date of death.

Table of Contents for all 27 volumes.


Original printing:


"Index to the Roll of Honor" (FHL 973 M2roh index) (Worldcat) Indexed by name with volume and page reference for the 27 volumes of the "Roll of Honor".

Records at the Family History Library

  • "The Unpublished Roll of Honor" (FHL 973 M2roha) (Worldcat) Contains additional names not included in the roll of honor.
  • "Bivouac of the Dead" by Mark Hughes (FHL 973 M24h) (Worldcat) Contains a history of the National Cemetery system and burial procedures of the Union army, an index to the original burial site along with final burial site of soldiers (1860–90), and a brief description of each cemetery.
  • "Civil War Graves Registration Index Cards, 1861–1930" (FHL1955405 (22films)) This index for the state of Michigan includes name, county of burial, and military unit.
  • "Civil War Veterans Buried in Nebraska". Lincoln, Nebraska: State Historical Society,1970. (FHL films 0833155–56) Entries contain name, GAR post number; place of burial, including city and county; cemetery name; grave lot and section; date and place of death; place of birth; date of birth; company; regiment; rank; and enlistment and discharge dates.


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