United States, Church Records of the Catholic Apostolic Church

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Sometimes church records of the Catholic Apostolic Church were kept in the individual churches and sometimes in the homes of the ministers. Past records may still be at the churches, with the present ministers, or at a local historical or genealogical society.

What You Are Looking For

Records of the Catholic Apostolic Church


The following 2 steps will help you receive information from Catholic Apostolic Church records

Step 1. Choose which church or archive to contact

Contact the Catholic Apostolic church in your ancestor's area to request information. For sources with addresses and other information, see Tip 1

Step 2. Contact the clerk or minister

Request that the church's records be searched. Tell them what you would like them to look for, such as marriage information.

Be sure to give as much of the following information about your ancestor as possible:

  • Name
  • Dates your ancestor lived in the area
  • Dates of birth/baptism, marriage, and death/burial (if they occurred in that area)
  • Names of parents, siblings, spouse, and/or children

Ask if there is a fee for the search or send a contribution. When you send the fee or contribution, also send a self-addressed stamped envelope