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Known Issues

Question #1: When searching in Illinois there are five waypoints for McClean County. There is no McClean County in Illinois, what county should this be?
Answer #1: McClean County should read McLean County.

Question #2: Where can I find the browsable images for Maryland > Baltimore City no 16; A-G?
Answer #2: To browse these images, you will have to go to the browse path Maryland > Batlimore City no 16; A-G. Please note that the final browse point is misspelled, thereby causing it to be out of alphabetical sequence. The records are indexed correctly as Baltimore City no 16, Maryland.

Question #3: I am looking for an ancestor from Minnesota who doesn’t appear in that state. Are there any additional cards from Minnesota?
Answer #3: Yes, there is a series of cards from Minnesota that appear to have been misfiled with Mississippi cards. They can be located on images 40-96 in the Mississippi > Marshall County; A-Z browse point.

Question #4: Where can I find the registration cards for the city of Springfield, Missouri?
Answer #4: The images for Springfield City have been mislabeled as Springfield County. They are found in the waypoints Missouri > Springfield County; A-Mobberly, Henry P and Missouri > Springfield County; Moch, Arba E.-Z.

Question #5: Where can I find the records for Grady County in Oklahoma?
Answer #5: Grady County has been incorrectly labeled Grandy County. You may find Grady County records in the waypoints labeled as Grandy.

Question #6: I can’t locate an ancestor who should have registered in Giles County, Virginia. Are there records missing from there?
Answer #6: DGS 5153688 has records from both Frederick County and Giles County. The Giles County records were inadvertently indexed as being from Frederick County. Images 1-3947 in the Virginia>Frederick County; A-Z waypoint are from Frederick County. Images 3948-5645 are from Giles County.

Question #7: Where are the records for registrants from the city of Madison, Wisconsin?
Answer #7: Although the city of Madison is located in Dane County, World War I draft registration cards from there have been incorrectly indexed from Madison County, Wisconsin. There is no Madison County in Wisconsin.

Question #8: When I search for a Draft Registration Place of “Trempealeau” [Wisconsin], no records are found. Where can I find these records?
Answer #8: You will need to enter the Draft Registration Place as “Trempeauleau” or “Tremp*” (using a wild card) until the spelling error is corrected in the indexed records. To browse these images, you will have to go to the browse path Wisconsin > Trempeauleau County; A-R or Trempeauleau County; S-Z.

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