United States Census 1850

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1850 Census Dates: 1June 1850 (5 months) Uniqueness:
-Census takers were given more instructions and guidelines
-First census to list names of all in the household
-First to list ages, sex, color, & place of birth
-Census taken in order of visitation
-Listed those married within the year
-Listed those who died after 1 June
-Dwelling house number
-Real estate value
-Occupation of males over 16
-Whether a fugitive of the state
-Though it still didn’t list slave names, it listed more information about the slaves.
-Listed heath or lifestyle issues: “Deaf, dumb, blind, insane, idiotic, pauper or convict”. Problems:
-Omitted children born after 1 June (even if the census taker took it later)
-Indians that lived on reservations or unsettled tracts of land were not included. States Covered:
Alabama Mississippi
Arkansas Missouri
California New Hampshire
Connecticut New Jersey
Delaware New York
Florida North Carolina
Georgia Ohio
Illinois Pennsylvania
Indiana Rhode Island
Iowa South Carolina
Kentucky Tennessee
Louisiana Texas
Maine Vermont
Maryland Virginia (inc. West Virginia)
Massachusetts Wisconsin
District of Columbia States Missing: (none) Territories:
Minnesota (inc. Dakotas) Oregon (inc. Washington & Idaho)
New Mexico (inc. Arizona) Utah