United States Census 1890

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Additional information may be found on the United States Census Portal page.

1890 Census Dates

1 June (2 weeks - 30 days)

Unique Features

  • Listed the address of the individual
  • Listed if a person was a soldier, sailor, or a marine during the Civil War
  • Listed whether they were Union or Confederate
  • Listed whether they were a widow of a veteran
  • Listed, if a mother, the number of children she had and how many were living
  • If foreign born, the individual was asked how many years they had been in the United States and if they were naturalized or in the process of being naturalized
  • Lists what language the individual speaks
  • Lists number of months employed
  • Asks if the home is rented or owned (and mortgaged)
  • Listed individuals in Army forts, US vessels, Navy Yards, & prisons.


  • Most schedules destroyed by fire in 1921

States Covered

-44 states & District of Columbia: All of those listed for 1880 (34) plus 6 more: Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming.

1890 Surviving schedules-- The following population schedules have survived for the 1890 federal census:

                        Alabama--Perry County, Perryville beat number 11 and Severe beat number 8.
                       District of Columbia--Q. Thirteenth, Fourteenth, R.Q. Corcoran, Fifteenth, S.R. and Riggs streets, Johnson
                                  Avenue, and S Street
                       Georgia--Muscogee County, Columbus Township
                       Illinois--McDonough County, Mound Township.
                       Minnesota--Wright County, Rockford Township.
                       New Jersey--Hudson County, Jersey City
                       New York--Suffolk County, Brookhaven Township and Westchester County, Eastchester Township.
                       North Carolina--Gaston County, South Point & River Bend Townships and Cleveland County, Township No. 2
                       Ohio--Hamilton County, Cincinnati and Clinton County, Wayne Township
                       South Dakota--Union County, Jefferson Township
                       Texas--Ellis County, J.P. No. 6, Mountain Peak and Ovilla Precinct
                                  Hood County, Precinct No. 5
                                  Rusk County, No. 6, J.P. No. 7
                                  Trinity County, Trinity Town and Precinct No. 2
                                  Kaufman County, Kaufman

States Missing

Check ancestry.com for the database of the 1890 Census Substitute.


  • Arizona
  • Alaska
  • New Mexico
  • Oklahoma(unorganized)
  • Utah