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Directories of churches, religious bodies, and religious organizations should also be consulted.

Historical Background

In many areas, where a church was established and supported by the government, it was the responsibility of the church to enumerate the population.

Churches served both a religious and a social role in many early communities.   Many time, especially in remote areas, the proxmity of a church was more important than what its teachings were.


Content would vary.  You might find:

  • Head of household listed with domestic animals.
  • List of all in household, name, age, birth information, relationship.


                        Provide relevant information about an ancestor's family and community
                        Can provide the earliest evidence of ethnic groups in a particular locale 


Web Sites



  • Szucs, Loretto Dennis and Wright, Matthew. Finding Answers in U.S. Census Records. (Orem, Utah: 2001 Ancestry) FHL Book 973 X27s.