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*[[United States World War II Fourth Draft Registration Cards (FamilySearch Historical Records)|United States World War II Fourth Draft Registration Cards (FamilySearch Historical Reocrds)]]
*[[United States World War II Fourth Draft Registration Cards (FamilySearch Historical Records)|United States World War II Fourth Draft Registration Cards (FamilySearch Historical Reocrds)]]
== State Military Records  ==
{| width="503" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1" class="FCK__ShowTableBorders"
| valign="top" align="left" |  
*[[Image:Alabama flag.png|border|22x15px|Alabama flag.png]]  [[Alabama Military Records|Alabama]] 
*[[Image:Alaska flag.png|border|22x15px|Alaska flag.png]]  [[Alaska Military Records|Alaska]] 
*[[Image:Arizona flag.png|border|22x15px|Arizona flag.png]]  [[Arizona Military Records|Arizona]] 
*[[Image:Arkansas flag.png|border|22x15px|Arkansas flag.png]]  [[Arkansas Military Records|Arkansas]] 
*[[Image:California flag.png|border|22x15px|California flag.png]]  [[California Military Records|California]] 
*[[Image:Colorado flag.png|border|22x15px|Colorado flag.png]]  [[Colorado Military Records|Colorado]] 
*[[Image:Connecticut flag.png|border|22x13px|Connecticut flag.png]]  [[Connecticut Military Records|Connecticut]] 
*[[Image:Delaware flag.png|border|22x15px|Delaware flag.png]]  [[Delaware Military Records|Delaware]] 
*[[Image:District of Columbia flag.png|border|22x11px|District of Columbia flag.png]]  [[District of Columbia Military Records|District of Columbia]] 
*[[Image:Florida flag.png|border|22x15px|Florida flag.png]]  [[Florida Military Records|Florida]] 
*[[Image:Georgia flag.png|border|22x14px|Georgia flag.png]]  [[Georgia Military Records|Georgia]] 
*[[Image:Hawaii flag.png|border|22x11px|Hawaii flag.png]]  [[Hawaii Military Records|Hawaii]] 
*[[Image:Idaho flag.png|border|22x18px|Idaho flag.png]]  [[Idaho Military Records|Idaho]] 
*[[Image:Illinois flag.png|border|22x13px|Illinois flag.png]]  [[Illinois Military Records|Illinois]] 
*[[Image:Indiana flag.png|border|22x15px|Indiana flag.png]]  [[Indiana Military Records|Indiana]] 
*[[Image:Iowa flag.png|border|22x15px|Iowa flag.png]]  [[Iowa Military Records|Iowa]] 
*[[Image:Kansas flag.png|border|22x13px|Kansas flag.png]]  [[Kansas Military Records|Kansas]]
| valign="top" align="left" |  
*[[Image:Kentucky flag.png|border|22x15px|Kentucky flag.png]]  [[Kentucky Military Records|Kentucky]] 
*[[Image:Louisiana flag.png|border|22x15px|Louisiana flag.png]]  [[Louisiana Military Records|Louisiana]] 
*[[Image:Maine flag.png|border|22x15px|Maine flag.png]]  [[Maine Military Records|Maine]] 
*[[Image:Maryland flag.png|border|22x15px|Maryland flag.png]]  [[Maryland Military Records|Maryland]] 
*[[Image:Massachusetts flag.png|border|22x13px|Massachusetts flag.png]]  [[Massachusetts Military Records|Massachusetts]] 
*[[Image:Michigan flag.png|border|22x15px|Michigan flag.png]]  [[Michigan Military Records|Michigan]] 
*[[Image:Minnesota flag.png|border|22x14px|Minnesota flag.png]]  [[Minnesota Military Records|Minnesota]] 
*[[Image:Mississippi flag.png|border|22x13px|Mississippi flag.png]]  [[Mississippi Military Records|Mississippi]] 
*[[Image:Missouri flag.png|border|22x13px|Missouri flag.png]]  [[Missouri Military Records|Missouri]] 
*[[Image:Montana flag.png|border|22x15px|Montana flag.png]]  [[Montana Military Records|Montana]] 
*[[Image:Nebraska flag.png|border|22x13px|Nebraska flag.png]]  [[Nebraska Military Records|Nebraska]] 
*[[Image:Nevada flag.png|border|22x15px|Nevada flag.png]]  [[Nevada Military Records|Nevada]] 
*[[Image:New Hampshire flag.png|border|22x15px|New Hampshire flag.png]]  [[New Hampshire Military Records|New Hampshire]] 
*[[Image:New Jersey flag.png|border|22x15px|New Jersey flag.png]]  [[New Jersey Military Records|New Jersey]] 
*[[Image:New Mexico flag.png|border|22x15px|New Mexico flag.png]]  [[New Mexico Military Records|New Mexico]] 
*[[Image:New York flag.png|border|22x11px|New York flag.png]]  [[New York Military Records|New York]] 
*[[Image:North Carolina flag.png|border|22x15px|North Carolina flag.png]]  [[North Carolina Military Records|North Carolina]]
| valign="top" align="left" |  
*[[Image:North Dakota flag.png|border|22x17px|North Dakota flag.png]]  [[North Dakota Military Records|North Dakota]] 
*[[Image:Ohio flag.png|border|22x14px|Ohio flag.png]]  [[Ohio Military Records|Ohio]] 
*[[Image:Oklahoma flag.png|border|22x15px|Oklahoma flag.png]]  [[Oklahoma Military Records|Oklahoma]] 
*[[Image:Oregon flag.png|border|22x13px|Oregon flag.png]]  [[Oregon Military Records|Oregon]] 
*[[Image:Pennsylvania flag.png|border|22x15px|Pennsylvania flag.png]]  [[Pennsylvania Military Records|Pennsylvania]] 
*[[Image:Rhode Island flag.png|border|21x20px|Rhode Island flag.png]]  [[Rhode Island Military Records|Rhode Island]] 
*[[Image:South Carolina flag.png|border|22x15px|South Carolina flag.png]]  [[South Carolina Military Records|South Carolina]] 
*[[Image:South Dakota flag.png|border|22x13px|South Dakota flag.png]]  [[South Dakota Military Records|South Dakota]] 
*[[Image:Tennessee flag.png|border|22x13px|Tennessee flag.png]]  [[Tennessee Military Records|Tennessee]] 
*[[Image:Texas flag.png|border|22x15px|Texas flag.png]]  [[Texas Military Records|Texas]] 
*[[Image:Utah flag.png|border|22x15px|Utah flag.png]]  [[Utah Military Records|Utah]] 
*[[Image:Vermont flag.png|border|22x13px|Vermont flag.png]]  [[Vermont Military Records|Vermont]] 
*[[Image:Virginia flag.png|border|22x15px|Virginia flag.png]]  [[Virginia Military Records|Virginia]] 
*[[Image:Washington flag.png|border|22x13px|Washington flag.png]]  [[Washington Military Records|Washington]] 
*[[Image:West Virginia flag.png|border|22x12px|West Virginia flag.png]]  [[West Virginia Military Records|West Virginia]] 
*[[Image:Wisconsin flag.png|border|22x15px|Wisconsin flag.png]]  [[Wisconsin Military Records|Wisconsin]] 
*[[Image:Wyoming flag.png|border|22x15px|Wyoming flag.png]]  [[Wyoming Military Records|Wyoming]]
[[Category:United_States_Military|Military]] [[Category:United_States|United_States]] [[Category:United_States_Military_Records]]
[[Category:United_States_Military|Military]] [[Category:United_States|United_States]] [[Category:United_States_Military_Records]]

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Record Types

Fold3 has free military collections including a Civil War maps collection and Brady Civil War photos. They also have a free Vietnam Service Awards collection and Vietnam Veterans Memorial collection with over 58,000 images of soldier's names.

United States Gotoarrow.png Military Records

Washington Crossing the Delaware.jpg
Military records are from times of war and times of peace. They identify individuals who served in the armed forces or who were eligible for service. Military records can help you learn more about your ancestors who served their country. These Wiki pages teach terminology and describe the contents, uses, and availability of major sets of records created mostly by the federal government. You can use them to learn about federal and nationwide sources. The Wiki pages discuss only sources that identify personal information about individuals in the armed forces and their units. They do not discuss historical sources about military institutions, weapons, battles, or tactics. The Wiki pages for the separate states have more information about state military records.

Getting started with United States Military Records research

If you are just beginning research, you may need some introductory information before using this set of Wiki pages. You may want to see the Wiki article Guide to Research

The Basic Search Strategies page of this set suggests steps you should take to find your ancestors in military records. This section is especially valuable if you are just beginning your research. The Record Selection Table can help you choose types of records to search. The Family History Library's collection is described on that page, and there is also a page explaining how to use the Family History Library Catalog to find specific records.

Use military records to:

  • Find evidence of military or patriotic service 
  • Find residence at time of military service or pension  
  • Find birth information 
  • Find evidence of family relationships 
  • Find relatives who served and left clues about my family

Research Tools

Wiki articles describing online Military collections are found at: