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(Websites: see also)
(Websites: see also)
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==== Websites  ====
==== Websites  ====
[[Image:ArrowGreen.svg.png|left|30x30px]]See also [[Major Databases for Beginning United States Research|Databases (and Websites)]] for beginning US research
[[Image:ArrowGreen.svg.png|left|30x30px]]See also [[Major Databases for Beginning United States Research#Databases Online|Databases (and Websites) online]] for beginning US research
{{WA Websites Intro}}  
{{WA Websites Intro}}  
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See also Databases (and Websites) online for beginning US research
Sites with online indexes or images of records
Digital State Archives Free finds archives and lists their contents
FamilySearch.org Free a list of all U.S. collections used on familysearch.org, some include images of original documents
Sites that search for links pertaining to United States Websites
LiveRoots.com free, but some links have a fee emphasis on original sources; links to variety of mediums; includes digital images
GermanRoots.com Free gives links to US + German related sources
Linkpendium Free Click links. Some sites they link to may have fees ($)
Cydislist Free categorized by State + County + topic, some links may have fees ($)
Access Genealogy.com Free covers all categories with special emphasis on Native American research
Ancestor Search Free, but may lead to sites with fees portal to search by names and gives links to help with research
Major catalogs for hard copy collections of United States Websites
Books, microfilm, or manuscripts of genealogical records
[http://beta.worldcat.org/archivegrid/ WorldCat archviegrid as of April 2014 in beta; locates and describes collections of archives
LDS Family History Center locator These centers offer 14 websites which otherwise have fees, in addition to research help.
FamilySearch Catalog including books, online materials, microfilm, microfiche, and publications; many items can be loaned to local FHCenters around the world
Digital Library Of America libraries, archives + museums across America, all topics, some digital images