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(Ways to order)
(Ways to order)
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=== Ways to order ===
=== Ways to order ===
*[[United States Newspapers#How to Obtain United States newspapers|How to Obtain United States newspapers]]
*[[BYU-FHL Digital Book Collection]]
*[[BYU-FHL Digital Book Collection]]
*[[Ordering Microfilm or Microfiche]] FHL
*[[Ordering Microfilm or Microfiche]] FHL

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Gathering/Experimenting with Closer to home access page

My first take:

  • Do a general obtain the records -- adapt the Obtain the Records page? Probably not, since it is one of the published, highly edited ones.
    • Include having others search the records, from local libraries, to societies, to professionals; others in the genealogical community (cost trade off)
    • Internet access
    • Going there yourself
    • ILL, WorldCat, Jstore, NGS, FSL, Mid-continent,
  • Mid-Continent Public Library Midwest Genealogy Center
  • Allen County Public Library offers look-up and (periodical) article-copy services
  • Then by topics -- with links to states topics? If so, then the list can be generated in Excel

Ways to order

Going there yourself