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Landing Page for Wiki Main page - for beginners

Janell's page Wiki Design Brainstorming Committee Note Landing pages at the bottom.

Title - Learning to be a genealogy researcher on the Wiki

Finding my Ancestor using the Wiki (set up another sandbox with this title - tabs for success stories

Rorie - Utah Death Certificates

Sandra - Carlisle Indian School Records

Lynda- Ohio example

Layout - tabs?

Look at Rorie's list of pages and choose ones that apply, that we can link to.

Page needs to cover:

1.Beginning researcher/genealogist - basics

This great page Family History for Beginners may be perfect to use for both of our goals. First section, Getting started in family history research, would be great as the beginner section and a link to the whole page at the end to lead them forward. The rest of the page may be great for the more advanced.

Oh, yes - perfect!Lynda 01:09, 12 April 2012 (UTC)

2.  Landing pages:

        a. Getting started in doing genealogical research: Identify What You Know and Decide What You Want to Learn

        b. Locating someone or info: Select Records to Search and Obtain and Search the Records

        c. Want more specific info, specific location: Use the Information

        d. Connect with Others:


a.How to get organized, etc.
Links to existing pages that teach a beginner(above)
The best video found is Searching the Research Wiki May be good for both sections. Wiki Keys to Success is so good. Would love to use it also.

2. How do I use the Wiki to research?

Check out this page: Keys to Success Lynda 18:10, 16 April 2012 (UTC)

Link to articles and videos for searching
Getting background information for areas they're searching in, such as word information for a foreign language


  • Sandra - look at beginner pages
  • Rorie - look for anything wiki researcher
  • Think about the design of the page - Lynda will play with that.

tabs, images, etc.

Meet again on 4/16 at 3:00