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(Bullets below should be radio button selectors.) 

By Uploading an image into the Research Wiki, you certify that you have the right to distribute this picture and that it does not violate the Terms of Use.

Please select the appropriate option copyright license option below:

  • I own the rights to publish this image and release it to the Creative Commons license used by the Research Wiki. (Most commonly used option - see what this license means.)
  • This is our organization's logo and we give permission for its use on the Wiki.
  • I own the rights to publish this image and wish to select a different copyright license.
    See a list of licenses here, then enter the name of the license:   (Only use if you are familiar with copyright licensing.)
  • This is an image (or portion of an image) from a FamilySearch online collection.
  • I got this image from someone or somewhere else:
  • Another website (give website address): ______________________________________
  • Someone else who released it to the Creative Commons license:
  • Name or username of individual: _________________________________
  • Website address (if applicable): _________________________________
  • Someone else who released it to a different license
  • Name or username of individual: _________________________________
  • License: _________________________________ (see a list of licenses here)
  • Website address (if applicable): _________________________________

Image Policies:

  • Do not submit images with living individuals unless their back is to the camera or they are too far away to be able to make out facial features.
  • Ensure that all individuals in these images are modest in dress and appearance.
  • Read more about the Research Wiki image policies.

For help with the information needed for the description of the image or file, see the Help page for submitting images and files.