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=== Project Guidelines ===
== Example of a Digital Book ==
The following guidlines will be followed by the WikiProject Ohio members until end of the project, tentatively scheduled for TBD 2012.
=== History  ===
==== '''Style''' ====
*''A Classic Town:the Story of Evanston'' (published 1891) [http://books.google.com/books?id=_tUNAQAAMAAJ Google Books digital version][http://www.archive.org/stream/classictownstory00will#page/n7/mode/2up Internet Archive digital version]
*''Evanston's Yesterdays:Stories of Early Evanston and Sketches of Some of its Pioneers ''(published 1901) [http://books.google.com/books?id=emXmvpGSwncC Google Books digital version] [http://archive.org/stream/firstevanstonian00grov#page/n3/mode/2up Internet Archive digital version]
*''Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois: history of Evanston'' (published 1903) [http://archive.org/stream/historicalencycl01inbate#page/n7/mode/2up Internet Archive digital version] {{FSbook|101537|disp=FamilySearch digital version}} [http://books.google.com/books?id=u3IUAAAAYAAJ Google Books digital version]
The first few weeks of the Ohio project we will agree on a model style, and create at least one example page of it. To keep the project moving forward, <u>'''NO'''</u> style changes nor further discussion of changes will be allowed after that for the remainder of the project (tentatively until TBD 2012). Participants are expected to follow that style during the project.
== Example of a NON digital book  ==
Style includes but is not limited to: <br>
=== Cemeteries  ===
*Use of standard Ohio templates
'''Published Records'''  
*Headings (anything that would appear in a table of contents) match with FHL Catalog subject headings as much as possible&nbsp;
*Heading levels: use levels three, four or five; avoid levels one and two<br>
*Order of presentation<br>
*Table of contents style or position (or lack of TOC)<br>
*image, table, or template positions or size; prefer sharp images relevant to the topic on the page<br>
*italic for titles of published books<br>
*bullets. Items under headings on county pages will be bulleted lists. Information '''describing the headings''' themselves will not be bulleted.<br>
*citations in footnote style
**Please use the '''full''' ''Chicago Manual of Style'' footnote style (modified):
::Author(s), followed by a comma
*''Sumner County, Tennessee, Cemetery records'' by Margaret Cummings Snider and Joan Hollis Yogason (published 1981) {{Worldcat|8114752|disp=At various libraries}} {{FHL|297693|item|disp=FHL book 976.847 V3s}}
::Title (book titles in italics)
*''Sumner County Miscellaneous Records'' by Zoie Lynne Bowen(published 1997), {{Worldcat|37860139|disp=At various libraries}} {{FHL|734043|item|disp=FHL book FHL 976.847 V3b}}
::Publication data in parenthesis:
:::- Publication place, followed by a colon
:::- Publisher
:::- Year of publication
:::- comma, and the the page number(s) followed by a period
::Access information:
:::- link to free online copy, if any. IF a free online copy is available no further access data needs to be added.  
:::- IF '''NO''' free online edition is available, then add:
::::- WorldCat template: <nowiki>{{WorldCat|#####|disp=At various libraries (WorldCat)}}.</nowiki>
::::- FHL template: <nowiki>{{FHL|####|item|disp=FHL Film ###; Fiche ###; Book ###}}.</nowiki>
:::- Brief annotation explaining the content, or why, or how a reader would want to use the source.
*image, table, or template style<br>
== Digital collections  ==
*internal link style<br>
*external link style including brief annotation. Prefer http:// links over http'''''s''''':// links. <br>
==== '''Wording changes''' ====
===== Death =====
Before changing the saved wording of another team member who followed these rules you must get their consent (except for obvious '''''minor''''' typos).  
*'''1908-1953'''&nbsp;[https://familysearch.org/search/collection/show#uri=http://familysearch.org/searchapi/search/collection/1307272 Ohio Deaths, 1908-1953]&nbsp;(FamilySearch.org) &nbsp;- Free, Index and images of&nbsp;Ohio death certificates. You must have a [[FamilySearch Wiki:FamilySearch Account|FamilySearch account]] and be logged in to view images.  
*'''1908-1932, 1938-1944, 1958-2007'''&nbsp;[https://familysearch.org/search/collection/show#uri=http://familysearch.org/searchapi/search/collection/1949341 Ohio, Death Index, 1908-1932, 1938-1944, and 1958-2007] (FamilySearch.org) - Free index. Provides death certificate number. Order originals through the [http://ohsweb.ohiohistory.org/death/request.cfm Ohio History Store]&nbsp;($).
==== '''Links with purpose'''  ====
*'''1913-1944'''&nbsp;[http://ohsweb.ohiohistory.org/death/ Ohio Death Certificate Index, 1913 - 1944] (Ohio Historical Society) - Free index. Search by county and timeframe. Order originals through the [http://ohsweb.ohiohistory.org/death/request.cfm Ohio History Store]&nbsp;($).
The Wiki is '''''not''''' a links repository. It uses links to support the genealogical educational purpose of a page or section of a page. Show and explain links with an educational purpose in mind. Annotate each external link briefly but well enough for the reader to realize what they will be getting if they click that link.  
==== '''Seek out local and unique''' ====
Seek out local and unique genealogical search strategies, records, or repositories and explain them to readers.  
==== '''Describe each edit'''  ====
Describe each edit in the''Summary&nbsp;'''''field before clicking the '''Save&nbsp;'''button.'''
==== '''Non-compliance'''  ====
Non-compliance will result in work being reverted, or changed to follow these rules.  
=== How to Edit on the Wiki  ===

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