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{| width="100%" class="FCK__ShowTableBorders" style="text-align: left;" border="0"
{| width="100%" class="FCK__ShowTableBorders" style="text-align: left;" border="0"
| width="33%" style="text-align: center;" | '''[[Special:PopularPages|View popular articles]] '''  
| width="33%" style="text-align: center;" | '''[[Special:PopularPages|Voir populairesarticles]] '''  
| width="34%" style="text-align: center;" | '''[[Special:Random|View random articles]] '''  
| width="34%" style="text-align: center;" | '''[[Special:Random|Voir les articles aléatoires]] '''  
| width="33%" style="text-align: center;" | '''[[FamilySearch Wiki:Featured Articles|View archived articles]]'''
| width="33%" style="text-align: center;" | '''[[FamilySearch Wiki:Featured Articles|Voir les articles archivés]]'''

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England, Norfolk, Church of England Bishops’ Transcripts
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Bath County, Kentucky

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