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Contact her via Kara's talk page  or her username on Skype is karawiki.

17 Feb 2010 Two live community meetings will begin on Feb 28th.  One is Genealogists Helping Genealogists and the other the Genealogists Helping Newbies Meeting

2 Nov 2009,  I am working with Ben Bennet and Fran Jensen as a FamilySearch Wiki Community Specialist. Our goals are to make the FamilySearch Research Wiki a friendly community that is easy to use.  Please consider yourself invited to join Steve's Welcoming Committee. What a great way to meet other "wikians" in our community as we learn the ropes of the Wiki together and share in our common passion for family history. Kara aka CK Whipple 23:19, 30 October 2009 (UTC)

5 Jun 2009 As a consultant in the US/Canada Reference Unit of the Family History Library, I have been assigned to the vital records team which creates pages and content for finding birth, marriage and death records for each state.

Our goal is to create a format that is useful, informative and invites contribution from the community to enrich the content.  We would like the FamilySearch Wiki to be THE PLACE to go for genealogical information.

A general format for vital records pages was first created for Alabama.  We began working on pages in alphabetical order, but other states have been addressed as new members have joined our team with an interest in a particular state. We encouraged your contributions in the areas you have studied and researched. Many contributors have gone before us and added content to the wiki.  We are most grateful and hope to integrate content from all sources in such a way as to enhance the wiki users experience.

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