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Name: Claudia Heaston.

Missionary experience
: the first mission served was for 23 months in World Wide Support and I was to join the Wiki Dept. with the employees. The location was on the 5th floor of the JSMB working with Mike Richie who taught me to down load images of the American Indian nations. Other projects were learning to do maintainace on the Wiki, article tracking, Skyp calls to Genealogy Libraries, checking and adding information to articles using Rich text.
Worked with people across the nation, guided by our manager Janell Vasquez, who taught us to maintain the Wiki articles.

I have returned to a second mission for 18 months, rejoining the Wiki Department. The Wiki is part of Worldwide Patrons Support which is located on the 3rd floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

Education: Graduated from Colorado Institute of Art in Denver, Colorado, with a degree in Design and Illustration. I continued to attend classes with nationally known artist like Betty Carr, Clyde Aspevic, Skip Whitcomb, and many others. My work for companies and working with exceptionally talented artist increased my skills and abilities to work in the “Social Expressions” field of work. After designing the cards, additional processes were added such as debossing and embossing, foils, diecuts, and pearlization. Other projects were hardgoods, gift bags, vinyl clings, calendars, stickers, children products including books and toys. I feel comfortable working in all medias except oils , and am flexible with almost any subjects.

Work Experience: Worked for Loo Art which became Current Inc. in Colorado Springs, CO. 20 1/2 years, Hallmark Cards in Kansas City, design Studio, with realestate companies, designed books and illustrated books taking them from thumbnails to the finished product, working with the printers and scanning companies. Have designed fabric for Robert Kaufman, Fashion design books, and many other Social Expression companies.

Genealogy Experience
: Is minimal, but with patience and many helpful people within the church, including a relative Kent Hiestand, I have found and sourced most of my fathers line. The excellent genealogy training given while serving a mission in Salt Lake City, has helped me numerous times. Over the years I have gathered information and pictures that I’ve placed on CD’s and sent to family members. Many of these pictures from my mothers family, came from my Grandmother Karbavauskas, of Lithuanian decent. There were letters and postcards giving me area’s and names of family members. However, this has been the needle in the hay stack search because information given to me was sketchy and of little help. The search has stumped some of the best qualified researchers, including FBI agent Elder Gilbert.