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/* Any JavaScript here will be loaded for all users on every page load. */

function ddm() {

// Variables, change these in case you need to set other class names (mmhide_ for // contribute users for example) var parentClass='isParent'; //gets applied when the LI has a nested UL var activeParentClass='isActive'; //gets applied when the nested UL is visible var preventHoverClass='nohover'; //denotes a navigation that should not get any hover effects var indicateJSClass='dhtml'; //gets applied to the main navigation when Javascript is available var toHideClass='hiddenChild'; //gets applied to hide the nested UL var toShowClass='shownChild'; //gets applied to show the nested UL var currentClass='current'; //denotes the current active sub element and prevents collapsing var d=document.getElementById('nav'); //denotes the navigation element

// if DOM is not available stop right here. if(!document.getElementById && !document.createTextNode){return;}

// if the navigation element is available, apply the class denoting DHTML capabilities if(d) { d.className+=d.className==?indicateJSClass:' '+indicateJSClass; var lis,i,firstUL,j,apply;

// loop through all LIs and check which ones have a nested UL lis=d.getElementsByTagName('li'); for(i=0;i<lis.length;i++) { firstUL=lis[i].getElementsByTagName('ul')[0] // if there is a nested UL, deactivate the first nested link and apply the class to show // there is a nested list if(firstUL) { lis[i].childNodes[0].onclick=function(){return false;} lis[i].className+=lis[i].className==?parentClass:' '+parentClass; // check if there is a "current" element apply=true; if(new RegExp('\\b'+currentClass+'\\b').test(lis[i].className)){apply=false;} if(apply) { for(j=0;j<firstUL.getElementsByTagName('li').lengt h;j++) { if(new RegExp('\\b'+currentClass+'\\b').test(firstUL.getE lementsByTagName('li')[j].className)){apply=false;break} } } // if there is no current element, apply the class to hide the nested list if(apply) { firstUL.className+=firstUL.className==?toHideCla ss:' '+toHideClass; // check if there is a class to prevent hover effects and only apply the function // onclick if that is the case, otherwise apply it onclick and onhover if(new RegExp('\\b'+preventHoverClass+'\\b').test(d.class Name)) { lis[i].onclick=function(){doddm(this);} } else { lis[i].onclick=function(){doddm(this);} lis[i].onmouseover=function(){doddm(this);} lis[i].onmouseout=function(){doddm(null);} } // if there is a current element, define the list as being kept open and apply the // classes to show the nested list and define the parent LI as an active one } else { lis[i].keepopen=1; firstUL.className+=firstUL.className==?toShowCla ss:' '+toShowClass; lis[i].className=lis[i].className.replace(parentClass,activeParentClass); } } } } // function to show and hide the nested lists and add the classes to the parent LIs function doddm(o) { var childUL,isobj,swap;

// loop through all LIs of the navigation lis=d.getElementsByTagName('li'); for(i=0;i<lis.length;i++) { isobj=lis[i]==o; // function to exchange class names in an object swap=function(tmpobj,tmporg,tmprep) { tmpobj.className=tmpobj.className.replace(tmporg,t mprep) } // if the current LI does not have an indicator to be kept visible if(!lis[i].keepopen) { childUL=lis[i].getElementsByTagName('ul')[0]; // check if there is a nested UL and if the current LI is not the one clicked on // and exchange the classes accordingly (ie. hide all other nested lists and // make the LIs parent rather than active. if(childUL) { if(new RegExp('\\b'+preventHoverClass+'\\b').test(d.class Name)) { if(new RegExp('\\b'+activeParentClass+'\\b').test(lis[i].className)) { swap(childUL,isobj?toShowClass:toHideClass,isobj?t oHideClass:toShowClass); swap(lis[i],isobj?activeParentClass:parentClass,isobj?parentC lass:activeParentClass); } else {

swap(childUL,isobj?toHideClass:toShowClass,isobj?t oShowClass:toHideClass); swap(lis[i],isobj?parentClass:activeParentClass,isobj?activeP arentClass:parentClass); } } else { swap(childUL,isobj?toHideClass:toShowClass,isobj?t oShowClass:toHideClass); swap(lis[i],isobj?parentClass:activeParentClass,isobj?activeP arentClass:parentClass); } } } } } } window.onload=function() { ddm(); // add other functions to be called onload below }