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I add things to the wiki when I see a need
<p>My first experience of volunteer work came in 1999 when I adopted a county in the GENUKI network.  My ancestors came from Kirkcudbrightshire in Scotland, so I volunteered to develop the county page and the parish pages.  Since then I have put my own genealogy on the internet.  I use TNG (The Next Generation) which is a PHP website, and it is like having a genealogy program on the internet.</br>
My ancestors can be traced to Switzerland and the United Kingdom.  I have traveled to the United Kingdom a number of times and Switzerland one time with the sole purpose of visiting their home towns and gathering records at the archives and record offices.  <br>
My father side of the family immigrated from the small towns of Recherswil and Melchnau to the United States in the early 1900’s being converts to the Church. <br>
My mother’s side of the family can be traced to the United Kingdom.  The earliest roots can be traced to Suffolk, England; Kirkcudbrightshire, Scotland; and Ireland.    The Mckenzie's came from the parish of Urr in Kirkcudbrightshire.  When I was at the National Archives of Scotland many years ago I gathered some records pertaining to the parish. </p>
I have created and or managed the following websites:
*[http://donjaggi.net/winnifred/index.php  Scogings Mckenzie Genealogy]
*[http://donjaggi.net/gottfried/index.php  Jaggi Stettler Genealogy]
*[http://donjaggi.net/  DonJaggi.net]
*[http://donjaggi.net/winnifred/histories/mckenzie/johnjames.html  John James Mckenzie 1868 to 1920]
*[http://donjaggi.net/galloway/index.html Urr Parish Page] with transcribed records pertaining to the parish
*William Bye Scogings 1822 to 1886 - yet to be completed
Every year over the years I have attended various conferences:
*BYU Family History and  Computer Conferences
*Utah Genealogical Association
*ICAPGEN and APG Conferences in Utah
*Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy
Over the years I have belonged to various Genealogical Society’s:
*Association of Professional Genealogists
*Dumfries and Galloway Family History Society
*Suffolk Family History Society
*Utah Genealogical Association
| state = collapsed
| 1 = Don&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;-&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;-&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;-
| 2 = private
| 3 = private
| 4 = Gottfried Jaggi
| 5 = Lina Stettler
| 6 = William Scoggins
| 7 = Winnifred Mackenzie
| 8 = Gottfried Jaggi
| 9 = Anna Christen
| 10 = Samuel Stettler
| 11 = Marrianna Jufer
| 12 = Philip Elam Scoggins
| 13 = Mary Elizabeth Brown
| 14 = John James Mckenzie
| 15 = Jane Oswald
| 16 = Urs Joseph Jaggi<br>Switzerland
| 17 = Anna Maria Portman<br>Switzerland
| 18 = Peter Christen<br>Switzerland
| 19 = Maria Buerki<br>Switzerland
| 20 = Christian Stettler<br>Switzerland
| 21 = Anna Barbara Maurer<br>Switzerland
| 22 = Jakob Jufer<br>Switzerland
| 23 = Anna Hunziker<br>Switzerland
| 24 = William Bye Scogings<br>Suffolk, England
| 25 = Susan Page<br>Sussex, England
| 26 = David Emanuel Brown<br>Georgia
| 27 = Mary Ann Hyatt<br>Alabama
| 28 = Robert Mckenzie<br>Scotland
| 29 = Catherine Conroy<br>Ireland
| 30 = James Oswald<br>Scotland
| 31 = Ann Ridley<br>England
The only problem I had in creating this table was in how to select cells within the table so I could merge them. Press 'CRTL' key and click in the cells. 115<br>

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I add things to the wiki when I see a need