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for Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island and Luxembourg in Europe. Assist the moderator for Germany/Deutschland.

David Samuelsen is a long time family history researcher (35+ years).

  • Worked in past for the AIS, AISI and AGES. Owns genealogy business named SAMPUBCO.
  • Is a long time volunteer member of The USGenWeb Project and The WorldGenWeb Project. County coordinator of Baker and Grant Counties, Oregon and Sevier County, Utah. Also is country coordinator of Germany and Luxembourg as well as Regional Coordinator of The CenEuroGenWeb Project, supervising several countries in northern Europe.
  • Gave lectures in American Sign Language for the deaf (since 1997.)
  • Direct email address: dsam52 at sampubco dot com

Enough with that....

  • Ancestors came from diverse places.
    • Denmark straight to Utah
    • Scotch-Irish to Pennsylvania and Virginia
    • Baden, Saarland and Posen, Germany to Pennsylvania and Wisconsin
    • England to Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts
    • French Walloons to New York. They were first settlers (Vigne/Vinje)
    • Dutch to New York
    • Norway to New York
    • Scotland to Virginia