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User Pages <br>
User Pages <br>
[https://wiki.familysearch.org/en/User:RitcheyMT| Michael Ritchey] <br>
[http://wiki.familysearch.org/en/User:RitcheyMT| Michael Ritchey] <br>
[https://wiki.familysearch.org/en/User:Cottrells| Steve Cottrells] <br>
[http://wiki.familysearch.org/en/User:Cottrells| Steve Cottrells] <br>
[https://wiki.familysearch.org/en/User:Thomas_Lerman| Thomas Lerman]
[http://wiki.familysearch.org/en/User:Thomas_Lerman| Thomas Lerman]

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Kip Enger, PMP is a project manager with the Product Engineering Division of the Family History Department, Corporation of the President, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. One of the projects he manages is the FamilySearch Wiki.


Ancestors are from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and England. After immigrating to the United States they settled in Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, and Utah.

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User Pages
Michael Ritchey
Steve Cottrells
Thomas Lerman