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{{User WikiProject England}}  
<right>{{User WikiProject England}}  
= England Project New Volunteer Page  =
= England Project New Volunteer Page  =

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Flag of England.png This user is a participant in WikiProject England.

England Project New Volunteer Page

Welcome to the Wiki England Project.  The Wiki depends on volunteers to succeed, so we very much appreciate your time and effort.

Whether you are a skilled Wiki editor, or a brand new contributor, we have a task for you!  We will also connect you with a mentor who will be sure you have the training you need to complete whatever task you choose, and be available to answer any question you might have.  If you are unsure about which task might be best, your mentor will be happy to help you select one that suits you. 

  • If you volunteered through the FamilySearch Volunteer Program, you will automatically be contacted by the Project Manager or your mentor to help get you started. 
  • If you haven't previously filled out a volunteer form, please e-mail your contact information to the Project Manager (evancol@yahoo.com) and you will be matched with a mentor who will then contact you.

Choosing a Task

If you have specific information you would like to add to the parish pages, you do not have to choose a task from the menu.  You are free to add any relevant information to the pages.  We do ask that you stay in communication with your mentor who can help you add your task to the chart so that we don't have a duplication of effort.

If you want to work on a task that has already been set up, visit our Task Page to see what is currently available.  If the box is blank or says "set-up," it means that particular task is available for that parish.

Getting Started

If you haven't previously done so, please read through the following.

Team List and Userbox

When you are ready to edit on the Wiki, a good first step is to add your name to the England Project Contributor's List.  Remember, all edits on the wiki can be reversed, so if you make a mistake, do not worry, your mentor will help you correct it.

Also, once you have created your User Page, you may want to add the England Project Userbox to your page to show your participation in the project.  To do this, you must be in Wikitext on the edit screen of your User Page.  Go to the section of text where you wish to insert the Userbox and add

{{User WikiProject England}}

Your mentor will be happy to help you put this on your page if you would like.