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 Rick Long 

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About Me

I have been dabbling in Family History for 40+ years. When I was younger, I would go to the Family History Library with my mom and look at microfilms for her. I would get bored and be off on a tangent looking at other things on the films, until that got boring and I would go off and look at the books. Not looking for anything special, just wasting time until mom was ready to leave.

When my wife and I got married over 35 years ago, she told my mom that Genealogy was for old people and she would do it when she retired. My mother let us both know that everybody should be doing genealogy. My wife got serious about it and I still just dabbaled in it.

Then about 1999 I met Caroline Irwin. She got me volunteering at the Ogden Family History Center.   Shortly therafter I became a Missionary at the Center and served for about 6 years. After which I continued serving as a volunteer. I took a couple of years off and I am now back at the Family History Center. I also volunteer with Find A Grave in the Ogden Area. And because of my continued friendship with Caroline, I am now also serving as a Wiki Support Missionary. I am also presuing Accreditation through ICAPGEN in the Mid West Region.

Blogs and Web Pages

I have created a web page for my Great Grandparents on my fathers side of the family. It can be found at David Walter Long

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