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=== Wiki Care ===
=== Wiki Care ===
Share your knowledge by helping on a Wiki committee
:*[[FamilySearch Wiki:Maintaining the Help Content Committee|Maintaining the Help Content]]</span><br>Accurate and current content
:*[[FamilySearch Wiki:Maintenance and Patrolling Committee|Maintenance &amp; Patrolling]]</span><br>For a clean Wiki
:*[[FamilySearch Wiki:Contributor Support Committee|Contributor Support]]</span><br>Communicate with Community
:*[[FamilySearch Wiki:Welcoming Committee|Welcoming Committee]]</span><br>Welcome and guide new contributors
:*[[FamilySearch Wiki:Page Enhancement Committee|Page Enhancement Committee]]</span><br>Improve the appearance of pages
=== Contributing to the Wiki  ===
=== Contributing to the Wiki  ===

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Wiki Trainer's Help Page

Thank you for being willing to take on the responsibilities of a Research Wiki Trainer! As a Wiki Trainer, you'll teach others about contributing to the Wiki.

If you are new to the wiki, you'll want to learn what the wiki is and how to use it by taking a tour Wiki Tour

This page is designed to help you as a trainer with links to other pages on the wiki that you will find useful. The following subjects will be covered.

  • Training
  • Training Presentations
  • Building a Family Search Center Page
  • Mentoring
  • Wiki Care and Support
  • Contributing to the Wiki

Wiki Training and Presentations

Family Search Center Pages


Wiki Care

Share your knowledge by helping on a Wiki committee

Contributing to the Wiki

Welcome! Thank you for your willingness to come and contribute your knowledge to help genealogists everywhere find their ancestors.

Training is provided in each of these areas - if you're interested in helping,
but not sure where you would best fit, contact us!